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I love Build-A-Bears, Webkinz, Pillow Pets, Writing, swimming, and drinking water. I am a Gemini (June 1) and a Snake (not telling the year) and proud of it! Callz meh Bee-Kay or Bee, or Kay for that matter!

American Girl Dolls… The Not-So-Cheap Doll

And now, Belle’s news! I’ve been reading a few websites and (this is my opinion, do not say mean things) I believe that American Girl dolls are fun for girls, but extremely overpriced. I own one myself (got her in … Continue reading

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Hi! Right now, you can get a Flowerpool doll for $100,000,000,000! That’s right, only $100,000,000,000! It’s a great value, so buy it now! JK! Belle

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MY Blog

Hi! My Build-A-Bears have a blog, so why can’t I? Well, this is my blog, where I will tell you what’s up in my world. Okay, every week, you will have a Build-A-Bear of the Week. You want to find … Continue reading

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